Tanya operates as a boutique studio for modern forward-thinking companies providing strategic branding and design solutions.


Design shapes how we experience the world

Passionate about the power of design and aesthetics, Tanya is a visual communication designer, brand navigator, entrepreneur and world traveller. As a multi-disciplinary designer, her capabilities include a variety of different areas including visual identities, packaging, print, website, brand positioning and more. Her work spans categories such as hospitality, technology, wellness, non-profits, books, personal branding, etc. She has worked on a number of projects for clients across the globe, as a location independent professional for many years. She believes in adopting a bespoke approach to each project, working in small-scale, customised teams to best meet the needs of each client and project. With a global  roster of creative professionals, she collaborates with other specialists such as illustrators, photographers, developers, typographers, writers, or stylists based on what a project requires. 

Tanya describes herself as a self-starter who is driven by an innate sense of adventure and curiosity. She dived into entrepreneurship at the age of 22, when she launched her first company. Over the years she travelled around the world and dabbled in a number of projects across industries learning first hand about strategy and brand building. Her business and entrepreneurial background gives her an edge in approaching design problems from a 360° perspective.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Website Design
Print Collateral
Digital Collateral
Digital Design
Book Design

Works with

+ Individuals, institutions and businesses across industries.
+ Small and medium sized businesses.
+ Startups and growing companies.
+ Clients from across the globe (and time zones).
+ Other creative folk, studios and agencies. 
+ A contemporary, minimal and global approach to design.


To discuss a new project or collaboration please write to hello@tanyaseth.com