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Awaana Health

Awaana Health is a healthcare startup offering integrative care and nutrition therapy for cancer patients. Awaana’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals facing serious conditions by providing them with hope and support on their healing journey. I would also like to mention here that I am also a co-founder of Awaana Health.

Before delving into the visual design, I¬†initiated the branding project by undertaking a comprehensive month-long brand strategy phase. This involved establishing the brand’s direction, vision, purpose, target audience, and communication guidelines. The resulting 20-page brand manual served as the foundation for the subsequent identity design process.

During the strategy phase, we defined the brand’s desired personality traits as optimistic, empowering, perceptive, and honest. To evoke comfort, optimism, and trustworthiness, we purposefully departed from the common illustrative style prevalent in healthcare brands. Instead, I opted for natural and earthy colors, complemented by a touch of sun yellow to symbolize hope and positivity.

The logo design is clean, modern, and approachable, featuring a circle atop the ‘a’ to represent a person in a serene meditative pose.

Our typography selection comprised a clean serif font for headings and a legible sans serif font for body text, striking a balance between modernity and trustworthiness.

All visual elements were carefully chosen to harmonize with the brand’s color palette, incorporating organic shapes and a subtle element of sunlight throughout.

Furthermore, I crafted the brand’s messaging to align seamlessly with our strategy. The tone of voice is empathetic, informative, and uplifting, providing clear and concise information while offering support and encouragement.

User experience played a pivotal role in the design process. Awaana Health’s website and other touchpoints were purposefully designed to be user-friendly and accessible, ensuring ease of navigation and instilling a sense of reassurance.

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